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49er’s faux-Victorian asks $899,000

Silicon Valley Victoriana still fresh off the assembly line

When the San Francisco 49ers made the jump to Silicon Valley a few years ago (trading in classic but aged Candlestick Park for sleek and state-of-the-art Levi’s Stadium), linebacker Corey Lemonier made a move of his own into a four-bed, two-and-a-half-bath would-be Victorian in San Jose.

In this case it’s “would-be” because although 814 South Second Street has got the Victorian look squarely in the pocket, in truth it’s still relatively new construction erected back in 2009, a bit of an end around on the style—or maybe a false start?

But at least it doesn’t fumble the look, and its latest offering may still qualify as a fair catch. It’s been just over two years since Lemonier, who originally hails from Florida, intercepted this one, but now he’s opting for a double move and putting it back up for sale, taking a pass on further possession.

The ad by realtor Jeni Pfeiffer boasts about the “steep gabled roof and cornice molding,” calling the full package play a “Victorian gem,” even if it is a feint.

There’s a Lemonier-autographed football thrown in for some browsers to help kick off the marketing blitz. Although given what Lemonier generally does to people carrying those around it’s probably advisable to carry it with caution while on the premises.

After paying out $746,000 for this townhome in 2015, Lemonier now hopes to scramble $899K for it, a fairly respectable wall return, or a least a return on the walls.

Pfeiffer’s ad also notes that the place is a few blocks from Diridon Station and the future Google holdings there, which might in fact make the Second Street locale the best block of Lemonier’s career before all is said and done.