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Noe Valley Victorian ‘sisters’ sold

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Beloved home with stained glass, period details, and cow emblems galore finds a buyer

Photos by Open Home Photography

That sound you hear is yours truly’s heart shattering after hearing word that the downright stunning Noe Valley “sisters,” located at 656-658a Elizabeth, sold this month. Our pipe dream’s loss is one lucky buyer’s gain.

The former owner of the Eastlake Victorian “sisters,” who purchased the property in the 1970s, was an architect-slash-Victoriana buff who resurrected the space to its original splendor. The print wallpaper, the woodwork, the stained glass, the conservatory—each room a time-capsule feast for the eyes.

Asking $2,900,000 in April, it sold for $2,500,000.

And now, a public service announcement: Please, lucky buyer, do not drastically alter the aesthetic of this home too much. Granted, asking a Noe Valley buyer to resist an open-floor plan or antiseptic interiors is asking for the moon. But this is one Victorian that deserves to be seen as-is for years to come. Thank you.