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What $3,000 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from Cole Valley to Westlake

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Today's price: $3,000.

↑ Note that the house for rent in the Richmond here is not the one facing the street with the sloped roof, but rather a separate unit stationed behind it, a one-bedroom, one-bath bit of business entirely independent of the main house. The landlord (who lives in the front property) promises “quiet living in the city” for $2,925/month for this 35th Avenue location. A bit snug at 630 square feet (not counting the deck, advertised as an extra 125), it’s still a detached and freestanding home nonetheless. No pets allowed, despite (or because of?) the easy yard access.

↑ Those who insist on facing the curb when paying $3,000/month for a house can head south to the Westlake neighborhood. Where is Westlake? Turns out it’s in Daly City right next to the unincorporated town of Broadmoor, which this landlord tries to pass off as the “SFSU” area “on the border” between the two cities. Pretty sneaky. But with more and more San Francisco renters edging over that southern-lying line toward slightly more affordable prices, this two-bed, one-bath, 1,000-square-foot house makes it onto the slate anyway, as an acknowledgment that times are tough. No pets here either.

↑ Just to get potential renters calibrated to San Francisco again after that brief foray south, here’s a Victorian in Cole Valley from 1908 with a creamy cheesecake-esque finish. The price point of $3,000/month rents not the entire home, of course, but rather one of the six one-bedroom, one-bath apartments inside. Looks like it’ll probably display a bit better once they get that paper off the floor. Notice that someone removed the old fireplace at some point in the past, but left the hearth. No mention of pets in this place one way or the other, which might qualify for the “no news/good news” policy..

↑ It’s tough to find a facade more intriguing than the Beaux-Arts variety. And this building, a circa-1916 gem at 946 Geary in the Tenderloin, offers just that. The two-bed, one-bath apartment inside is not nearly a dramatic as the exterior, sadly, but still perfectly pleasant, with a set of bay windows for good measure. No pets here though, even for $2,995/month.

↑ This SoMa offering seems to be coping with an identity crisis, billed in the ad as “live/work loft/1.5 bath condo.” Whichever of those it is rents for $2,995/month. Indeed, the upstairs loft has the makings of a separate studio all on its own (spaces not much bigger rent in the Tenderloin for well over $1,200/month nowadays), complete with its own sky-blue fireplace. And, lucky day, the lease permits both cats and dogs.


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    Tenderloin Apartment
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    Cole Valley Victorian
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