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Why is this Sutter Street building painted like Fruit Stripe gum?

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It’s all part of a pop-up celebrating your favorite pigments and hues

If you’re lucky enough to walk down Sutter Street on a daily basis—one of the city’s most underrated rues—you might have spotted the pastel-stripped structure at 575 Sutter. It’s hard to miss. And if you’ve wondered what this whimsical facade is all about, wonder no more.

It’s for a pop-up called The Color Factory, billed as an interactive exhibition celebrating color and material. Highlights include a giant yellow ball pit filled with roughly 207,000 balls; a seven-foot lazy susan, serving technicolor food from Chantal Guillon, Craftsman and Wolves, and Doughbies; a confetti room where patrons can experience what it’s like to be inside a rainbow snow globe; an all-yellow gift shop by Randi Brookman Harris.

Also, according to the press release, “Guests can walk through artist Jacob Dahlgren’s 10,000 ribbon grid and take in an orange found-object assemblage by Tosha Stimage, a room-sized selfie installation by artist Tom Stayte and a holographic prism room by artist Leah Rosenberg.”

Color you thrilled!

The Color Factory happens August 1-31, open every day of the week, except Wednesday, from 10 AM-10 PM. Tickets are $32 and available at