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Neolith Tiny House comes to SF (updated)

Adorable and smart in one pretty package

Photos by Chris Frick Photography, via Neolith

Update: Due to the heavy response, the Neolith Tiny House viewings will be extended until August 18.

All this week, Curbed will feature the petite and slender shelters and abodes in honor of Micro Week. And with that, we would be remiss not to tell you that one of the most precious and expertly designed tiny home concepts will be available for viewing in San Francisco.

Christened the Neolith Tiny House, the property was designed by the architects at Jeffrey Bruce Baker. The space features two beds, two baths, and 500 square feet. It also showcases how Neolith can be used, as seen in the kitchen island, shower walls, vanities, fireplace (yes, there’s a fireplace), and outdoor grilling area.

According to Neolith:

Neolith Tiny House on wheels is a fully functional rolling tiny house cladded fully with Neolith on the indoors and outdoors and composed of 2 separate units that complement each other. To render the idea more clear think of something similar to 2 20″ containers, each of them with wheels and a hitch so that they can travel with a trailer from one location to the other.


The Neolith Tiny House is great because it takes less than a day to set up and it is like a pre-fabricated booth that can easily travel from one location to another without having to construct/and dismantle a real booth.

The house will be available for viewing in San Francisco until July 22. Tour the small space at Fox Marble (1315 Armstrong) in Bayview. RSVP here.