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New chain-link fence art appears along Mission Street

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“Wizard of Oz”-inspired work pays tribute to displaced fire victims

“There’s no place like” art work, a quote from the Wizard of Oz that is intentionally incomplete. Photos courtesy of artist

Almost one year after his “Home Street Home” piece appeared along beleaguered Division Street, a local artist, who has requested anonymity, has completed another work. Once again he uses a chainlink fence for a canvas, but this time the message is different. In fact, it’s incomplete, which is exactly how he wants it.

“Given the history of the neighborhood, the fire, loss, and the displacement of so many residents, it felt appropriate to use the quote, but to not finish it,” says the artist. “This leaves the meaning open to interpretation. Each person will fill in the blank on their own.”

Members from Galería de la Raza and Secession Art and Design helped tie the final product together.

The work went up near a five-alarm fire that ignited in June of 2016 along the 3300 Mission Street. The blaze displaced several businesses and roughly 200 residents of the Graywood Hotel.

Be sure to check it out when you’re in the area. Also of note, when the wind blows hard, the paper pieces move and spin.