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San Francisco and Oakland rank worst cities for drivers, says new study

Fasten your seat belts

traffic in chinatown with bay bridge in the background Photo via Shutterstock

San Francisco and Oakland are the two worst cities in which to drive, according to a new study conducted by WalletHub.

To figure out the most driver-friendly places in the country, of which SF and Oakland are most certainly not a part, analysts compared the 100 largest cities across 25 metrics, including hours spent in traffic congestion, average car prices, and rate of car theft.

Here’s how San Francisco alone ranked with a few metrics:

  • 61st – Annual hours spent in congestion per auto commuter
  • 93rd – Accident likelihood in city vs. national average
  • 87th – Rate of car thefts
  • 49th – Auto-repair shops per capita
  • 100th – Average gas prices
  • 73rd – Auto-maintenance costs
  • 74th – Average parking rates
  • 93rd – Car dealerships per capita

Also, as SFGate reports, a glaring “lack of available transportation funding to keep the roads in good repair” keep things bumpy along San Francisco and Oakland roads. Alas.

Cities that came in tops for drivers—Corpus Christi, Texas; Gilbert, Arizona; and Greensboro, North Carolina.