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New Ross home, with an eye on modernism, asks $14.9 million

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Wood facade (that’s gorgeous!) of massive Ross home. Very modern. Angular. Chic. Photos by Jacob Elliott, courtesy of Scott Woods and Bill Smith of Pacific Union

Up in the tony town of Ross, known to the pop culture-savvy as the former home of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, one can find many pricey abodes. But it’s a red-letter day when a new construction lands on the market, especially one as alluring as the sprawling estate at 9 Woodside Way.

Coming in a five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and roughly 5,000 square feet, this clearly contemporary home offers a nod to modernist design. The floor-to-ceiling windows, fireplace, and wood beams are all reminiscent of midcentury-modern aesthetics.

But make no mistake, this sleek affair is 2017 all the way. The infinity edged pool, smart-home technology, and green roof all bring this into the twenty-first century.

The redwood trees on the property, carefully integrated into the landscaping, offer a healthy amount of privacy and woodsy beauty. They also pair nicely with the custom formed Koa wood bathtub in the master bath. Lovely.

Asking is $14,995,000.