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Bernal Heights Alex Nieto memorial needs cash

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Crowdfunding effort for Bernal Heights tribute raises less than 10 percent of goal since March

A rendering of a headstone on Bernal Hill with an illustration of Alex Nieto’s face. Rendering via Go Fund Me

Last December, San Francisco lawmakers approved a permanent memorial in Bernal Heights for Alex Nieto, the San Francisco man shot and killed by police officers in Bernal Heights Park in March 2014.

As Bernalwood notes, friends and family of Nieto started a crowdfunding campaign for the construction of a installation dubbed “Amor For Alex Nieto.”

The fundraising page writes:

Once the memorial is established, community members will hike up to that mountain and pray like Alex did and look out over the beautiful view of San Francisco and be inspired by our community resilience.

Students will travel up to that hill for field trips and to learn about the history and creativity of our community. [...] Families will pilgrimage hands together and love each other at the place where Alex breathed his last breath.

Unfortunately, it looks like things have been slow going so far. Of a $40,000 goal set back in March, the Go Fund Me page has netted only $3,150 in hand, $650 of which came within the last 24 hours.

The page is not the only source of funds. Back in March, a memorial concert at the Mission’s Brava theater advertised “all proceeds benefit the Alex Nieto memorial.” Still, it looks like online fundraising could use a boost.

Nieto, age 28 at the time of his death, was a lifelong Bernal Heights resident. Police officers claimed they shot Nieto because they mistook a Taser in his hand for a gun.

The jury in a federal trial last year declined to find the officers guilty of excessive force. Nieto family friend Ely Flores, who established the Go Fund Me page on behalf of Nieto’s father Refugio Nieto, dubs the monument campaign a response to “the violence and injustice of 59 bullets.”