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San Francisco’s first outdoor co-working space opens

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Bring your own SPF

An outdoor coworking space with trailers and benches called Outcamp in San Francisco. Photos courtesy of Campsyte

In these increasingly warm days, it’s all about working al fresco. Enter Campsyte’s Outcamp, a new venture that bills itself as San Francisco’s first outdoor shared workspace.

In addition to typical office amenities—printing, wifi, complimentary coffee, even kombucha and beer on tap—this SoMa-based space comes with private camper trailers (named Sandy, Betsy, and George) and tree tents. It also boasts a fire pit, a barbecue grill, and a kitchen stocked with snacks, Philz Coffee, Black Hammer beer, and more.

Located in a converted private parking lot at 9 Frelon, near Fourth and Brannan, it sits near noted artwork by muralists Ian Ross, Ricky Watts, and Antoine Marnata.

Space inside the camp can be rented out for $5/hour, $11/day, or $33/month.

Campsyte also offers conference rooms in repurposed and furnished shipping containers.

The shared co-working space market has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry over the last couple of years. WeWork, for example, currently worth an estimated $16 billion, has several spots in San Francisco and plans on opening their first Oakland spot later this year.