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Atherton police chief seeks pool house to call home

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Steven McCulley would like to live in the town where he serves

Atherton guesthouse rents for $3,950/month.
Atherton guesthouse rents for $3,950/month.
Photo via Craigslist

Oh Atherton.

In a recent San Jose Mercury News article about trauma first-aid kits being distributed to Atherton police, buried at the bottom of the piece was a bittersweet morsel about Steven McCulley, the tony town’s new chief of police.

He and his wife need a place to live within city limits—a city with a $6.3 million median home price—so they’re looking at pool homes and guest houses.

McCulley, who was sworn in as chief on May 17, said he is still looking for a place to live for himself and his wife, Lynn.


McCulley said he wants to be able to live in the town he serves. Housing prices in Atherton are well beyond the salaries town employees. McCulley said he is hoping to find a pool house or guest house to rent in Atherton.

“I like to live in the community,” he said. He added that he doesn’t know yet what the rent might be on such a place.

Look no further, chief! Here are a few options. However, you may want to sit down and take a deep breath before learning the cold, brittle truth. First up, this two-bed, 980-square-foot guest house rents for a cool $3,950/month. This one-bedroom cottage, running for $2,000/month, ain’t too shabby. And finally, should you happen upon a chubby trust-fund, this 5,000-square-foot abode can be yours for $21,500/month.

As Curbed SF reported in April, first responders (i.e., cops, sheriffs deputies, and firefighters) are all but priced out of Silicon Valley despite a six-figure median wage ($100,625/year).

Selfless and thoughtful Atherton residents with pool houses to spare should get in touch with Atherton police as soon as possible. Don’t all rush at once.