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Renovated Bernal Heights Edwardian home seeks $2.69 million

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It last sold in 2013 for $700,000

Antiseptic and white facade of a once lovely Edwardian home. Photos courtesy of Frank Castaldini / Coldwell

Blocks away from storied Cortland Avenue, the once humble home at 372 Richland tells a new tale. This Bernal Heights abode, last sold in 2013, has since been expanded to five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and roughly 3,200 square feet, all of it spread out across four levels.

In addition to the ample new space, this house comes with bright white interiors (customary to many new renovations these days), a landscaped backyard, a statement fireplace, hardwood floors, and more.

Last sold for $700,000, it’s now asking $2,698,000.