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Ultra sleek, ultra noir Oakland Hills home asks $4.5 million

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Black home exterior that’s shaped like a cube. Very modern. Photos courtesy of Bebe McRae/The Grubb Co.

If you’re looking for a cozy home with a homey, warm feel to it that shouts Norman Rockwell luxe, beat it. This isn’t the place for you. Designed by Randy Ruiz of AAA Architects, and in collaboration with Benjamin Parco, 132 Alpine in the Oakland Hills is geared strictly toward the moneyed minimalist seeking privacy.

Coming in at four beds, four and a half baths, and roughly 5,215 square feet, the massive home also features a separate detached studio. But the real star is the main property, which, in addition to the typical contemporary white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, boasts lots of gorgeous concrete, an underrated material that works especially well here.

“We were asked to design a house for this site that would maximize views, connect to the outdoors, feature expressive materiality, and embody the modernists principals of California’s best architecture,” write the architects, who christen the home Upper Rockridge Residence.

Asking is 4,500,000.

Main house: