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California Living Project: Modern dance meets midcentury-modern homes

Or, “Eichler, the Musical!”

Photos via California Living Project

This Saturday, June 10, from sundown to 11 p.m., fans of high art and Eichlers alike should head over to Palo Alto’s Greenmeadow neighborhood to experience visual artist Nate Page and dance artist Chelsea Zeffiro’s California Living Project II.

The video and dance installation experience uses the noted developer’s midcentury-modern tract homes as setting and backdrop, using both the interiors and exteriors to showcase the multi-house performance..

For the dance portion of the evening, the modernist tract homes’ interiors will provide the perfect stage, care of Eichler’s signature atriums and expansive walls of glass, while the fortress-like front facades will act as a canvas for the film portion of the show.

Here’s a scene of California Living Dance Project I, a video installation that took place in 2013 in Granada Hills, Los Angeles.

Event information can be found here.