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Onetime highest paid CEO knocks $6 million off Orinda mansion

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Price of four San Francisco homes just tumbled off this East Bay estate

Courtesy Clark Thompson, Village Associates

In May of 2016, John Hammergren, once the highest paid CEO in the U.S. at McKesson Corporation before surrendering much of his salary under pressure, put his gigantic Orinda estate at 10 Winding Lane on the market for $22.5 million.

The six-bed, eight-and-a-half-bath (seven full baths and three half baths) 1988 estate boasts the likes of a carriage house, nine-panel skylight, 8.6-acre grounds, and even its own sports complex—not just a gym, but a structure almost as ambitious as the house itself, with rock wall, sauna, and locker rooms.

When the mammoth abode found no initial takers, Hammergren put it up for auction in October of last year. But no deal came out of that either.

Note that it’s hardly unusual for an eight-figure home to take time attracting buyers—after all, not many people in the world can afford to shop at this price point.

In any case, this week the time came to take the inevitable next step and go for a price break, in this case slashing $6 million off.

The 26 percent reduction down to $16.5 million still leaves it as among the most expensive homes for sale in the entire Bay Area. Note that Hammergren himself bought the place 21 years ago for a mere $3 million—about $4.6 million after inflation.