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Behold the rainbow flags gracing SF’s Market Street

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Happy Pride season!

It’s easy to feel detached by LGBTQ Pride season in San Francisco. Sure, the Castro isn’t what it used to be. The annual parade can seem more bent toward allies and ally companies rather than LGBTQ culture. And due to soaring rent prices, the city is no longer a safe haven where young queers can escape.

Not to mention that Pride weekend itself pulls in millions and millions of tourist dollars, making the once organic, grassroots effort a jackpot for the city and corporations alike.

But Baghdad by the Bay is still noted for its rainbow flag-waving ways. Literally.

For years now, Market Street had donned rainbow flags on lampposts, from Upper Market to the Embarcadero. How lucky we are. Detroit, as reported by our sister site, just recently raised its first city-sanctioned Pride flag in Hart Plaza.

This year’s procession of flags is especially noteworthy as its creator, Gilbert Baker, died in March.

Since June is here, let’s take a look at some of the flags decorating Market Street as we gear up for Pride weekend.

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