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How much it costs to buy in Noe Valley right now

Average asking price is $1,155 per square foot

Noe Valley and the colorful homes in it Photo by torbakhopper

And now, let us head over to Noe Valley, where life is allegedly easier and the Victorians are literally renovated beyond recognition.

While the average asking in the neighborhood comes in at $1,155 per square foot, the individual properties that comprise this average range from $667/square foot (1108 Church) to $1,470/square foot (310 Duncan).

"To put these prices in the context of San Francisco overall," explains Constantine Valhouli, founder of research and analytics outfit NeighborhoodX. "It falls between Pacific Heights (at $1,189/square foot) and Lower Pacific Heights ($1,143/square foot)."

NeighborhoodX broke down the numbers at homes currently on the market in the neighborhood. Check it out: