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Watch the Warriors take on the Cavs at Civic Center Plaza Wednesday


With an ample yet precarious lead, the Golden State Warriors will take on the Cavs in Game Three of the NBA Finals on Wednesday. Instead of watching alone at home or in a bar full of tipsy bandwagoners, head over to San Francisco Civic Center to watch the game al fresco.

The Mayor’s Office will roll out the big Jumbotron again for families and fans alike to watch the game together. “Attendees are encouraged to arrive early to secure a spot and to ride public transit to the event,” notes SFist, adding, “They are discouraged from getting hammered.”

Indeed. Per the Mayor’s Office: “In keeping with the event focus on families, alcohol will not be sold or permitted on Civic Center Plaza during the broadcast.”

Anyone interested in attending the live broadcast should arrive early to secure a spot. And, please, for your sake, don’t drive to the event. Take public transportation via Muni or BART and get off at Civic Center or Van Ness stations.

Also, Oakland will be airing the game at select outdoor venues, too, most notably at Lake Chalet.

The game starts at 6 p.m. PT.

Civic Center Plaza

335 McAllister Street, , CA 94102