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What it costs to buy in West Oakland right now

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Average price in the neighborhood is $456 per square foot

West Oakland crane at sunset. Photo by Ian Kennedy

West Oakland is a more affordable place to consider than San Francisco when it comes to home ownership. The individual properties that comprise average of $456 per square foot range from $291/square foot (812 27th Street) to $594 per square foot. (1201 Pine, #158).

"To put these prices in the context of San Francisco neighborhoods," explains Constantine Valhouli, founder of research and analytics outfit NeighborhoodX.

He adds, “The average price of $456/square foot in West Oakland is lower than that of Excelsior ($502/square foot). The most expensive property in West Oakland ($594/square foot) is still below the average price in Outer Richmond ($597/square foot)."

NeighborhoodX’s analysis looked at a sub-set of market rate properties, and excluded foreclosures and short sales, income-restricted and occupied properties, properties primarily positioned as development sites (where the value was in the buildable potential rather than the existing square footage), and certain listings with incomplete or contradictory listing information.

Here’s the breakdown:

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