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Steph Curry’s East Bay mansion drops price for a loss

The former MVP is, of course, not usually prone to dropping anything

An aerial photo of a three-story Mediterranean home in Walnut Creek. Courtesy Ana O’Byrne and Andy Read, Caldecott

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors trounced the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first two games of their ongoing rematch from last year’s NBA finals. But off the court, Curry is having trouble running up the score on his real estate prospects, now offering his Walnut Creek home at a loss.

Back in April, the five-bed, four-bath, Mediterranean-style house at 620 Sugarloaf Court, where Curry and his family resided for less than a year, dinged its price down a hair ($100,000) to $3.6 million.

In the past five weeks, while Curry has been tearing it up on the court, his transitive East Bay home (which doubled as the site of wife Ayesha Curry’s Food Network show) has eased its asking price even lower, now down to $3.39 million.

This particular Chateau Curry is just one of many opulent East Bay homes the all-star has purchased in the last few years. According to Caldecott Properties, it’s also now listed at $3.5 million.

Neither of the realtors were immediately available for comment, but since the house’s branded site lists the lower $3.39 million price it seems that’s the real deal.

Note that knocking the price down doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on the home itself—although it does mean that nobody was particularly interested in buying at the higher mark.

The Curry family purchased 620 Sugarloaf in 2015 for $3.2 million. According to the ad, they also put $400K worth of work into it, which would make this latest offer technically a loss if it anyone takes it up.

But since the former MVP makes roughly $11 million annually and presently resides in an even larger house in Alamo, he should rebound soon enough.