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San Francisco City Hall turns green in support of Paris accord

“What is good for our environment is good for our economy”

Taking a break from honoring the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco City Hall’s facade donned a different shade over the weekend. The Civic Center structure lit up green on Saturday to show support for the Paris climate accord.

“[City Hall] shines in green to show our commitment to the Paris Agreement,” said Ed Lee. “What is good for our environment is good for our economy.”

Mayor Lee is one of 61 U.S. mayors pledging to adopt the Paris accord even though the federal government decided to pull out.

“San Francisco is committed to working with cities, regions, states, institutions and businesses both nationally and internationally in the fight against climate change. The rest of the world’s countries have signaled they are committed to the Paris Agreement and so is San Francisco,” said the mayor shortly before the federal government’s withdraw.

The beaux-arts structure changes its exterior hues often to honor everything from the loss of pop cultural icons to LBGTQ Pride. Other cities all over the nation, from bridges to city halls, also showed their support by turning green.

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