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Sherbet-colored dream returns, asks $4.99 million

1890 Queen Anne converted to four homes but used as one

A green Queen Anne Victorian house. Courtesy Alexander Kolovyansky, Vanguard Properties

Last time 2566 Pine Street came on the market in 2014, Curbed SF called it the “sherbet-colored castle of your dreams” and noted that this Lower Pac Heights Queen Anne with the distinctive, creamy green fish scale shingles accented with purple was “untouched by the far-reaching tentacles of Home Depot renos.”

Back then the five bed, five bath dreamboat chock full of stained glass floated a $2.99 million-plus asking price and ended up selling in 2015 for $3.5 million. Now just two years later it’s back, asking $4.99 million-plus in its latest offering.

Realtor Alexander Kolovyansky’s ad pitches the place to “discerning art lovers,” playing up its slightly outre looks.

In a previous century, 2566 underwent a conversion from single family home to four-unit apartment building. When it last came up for sale, it had apparently been utilized as “as one giant but probably disjointed home,” sans a unification of its sundered elements.

Last December the city issued building permits for the site to the effect of:

Renovation of four residential units, remodel of each, convert non-habitable space in basement to habitable space for one unit, remove interior servant/secondary stairs, remove carriage house.

Previously the carriage house constituted the fifth bedroom, but bedroom five is now apparently part of the house proper at last.