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Sleek new Potrero Hill home asks $4.49 million

Out with the old, in with the new

Contemporary home’s exterior. Photos by Circle Visions, courtesy of Justin Fichelson

A few years ago, 548 Rhode Island Street was a modest 1930s-era Potrero Hill home with a tile roof and baby blue exterior that, in 2015, fetched a tidy $1.77 million. Not bad for an old timer.

But that was the last hurrah for the old 548 Rhode Island. It’s since been replaced with a sleek, gleaming new modern home, a four-bed, three-and-a-half bath, multi-story abode decked out with custom marble and cedarwood deck.

Now up for its first sale, it’s asking an ambitious $4.49 million.

Realtor Justin Fichelson calls it a “rare opportunity of new construction on Potrero Hill’s north slope,” playing up the views offered by its new scale and elevation while promising that the “professionally landscaped environment” in the backyard will furnish sheltering privacy.

Note that the old home’s 2015 sale included the plans for this new design, which we called an “unfinished dream home” at the time. Back then it was wrapped up in a standard San Francisco renovation fight with neighbors over the views. Clearly the remodel eventually won that battle.

Those curious how vision compares to reality can check out the rough renderings submitted to the Planning Department in that dispute 18 months ago. Meanwhile, here’s the end results, in all of its freshly minted glory.