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San Francisco’s most and least expensive homes this week

Market Street tops the market, while the Western Addition adds up savings

The Four Seasons, a high rise on Market Street. Photos courtesy of Diana Nelson, Paragon

Friday is time for the High & the Low, a Curbed column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. Here’s this week’s pageant of extremes.

For more than 15 years, the owner of apartment 34F at the Four Seasons had the easiest commute in all of San Francisco; he was also the founder and director of the investment company the Marbridge Group, based in an office less than two blocks away.

But now that particular perk is part of the past, as the condo finally sold this week after nearly nine months on the market, netting the largest payday among publicly listed homes in the city.

Notice the gigantic, hovering, UFO-like lighting fixture on this corner unit’s entryway. Close inspection reveals an excess of snaking overhead lighting in this three-bed, three-bath home.

Eventual sale price was a cool $5.59 million. Back in September the asking rate was $6.2 million, a number that probably would have been attainable a year earlier. But there’s a seven-figure consolation for any lingering disappointment over the results.

And the Western Addition managed to break the sub-half million mark for this week’s lowest grossing sale, with a little help from its friends. The co-op at 45 Galilee Lane a one-bed, one-bath condo—rather than the usual studios or once in a blue moon fixer-upper single family homes that usually take the low spot each week—go for just $445,000.

It’s a modest place for a modest price, but both a victory for the buyer for managing to keep it under $500K and for the seller for talking it a little bit above the $435K it listed for back in April. Especially since it’s nearly double its 2012 sale of $266,000.