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1920s Pac Heights condo with views of Lafayette Park asks $3.9 million

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once hung out here

Facade of gorgeous Pac Heights 1920s building, white and marbled. Photos by Ross Pushinaitis/Exceptional Frames, courtesy of Danielle Lazier

The top-floor condo inside 2151 Sacramento, at least according to your editor, is one of the city’s most envy-inducing homes, period. And just look at it. No, look at it! It is, in a word, glorious.

The entrance alone merits a pause of respect and awe. The 1920s building boasts a vintage wrought iron gate, leading to marble steps, and through a leaded glass door flanked by leaded glass windows. All that before you even step foot inside.

Coming in at four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and 2,528 square feet, unit #4 features cathedral-style ceilings, original stained glass, views of Lafayette Park, skylights, mosaic tiling, solarium and greenhouse, updated kitchen and baths, and more.

One thing to note: Detective fiction fans may have caught wind that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once called this place home. Alas, that’s not exactly the case. The Sherlock Holmes scribes merely visited friends here long ago.

Asking is $3,995,000.

2151 Sacramento, #4 [Danielle Lazier, Compass]