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What's the weirdest thing you've seen on BART?

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From swinging in between the aisle to dancing on the railings, what’s something that made you raise an eyebrow or two?

Woman swinging on BART train on a swing in betweem the seats on the aisle. Photo by Audrey Penve

Maybe it’s the dank carpet that makes people feel like they’re in their own living room as opposed to a public space, but BART trains have always doubled a stage for candid tomfoolery compared to Muni. Be it setting up swings on the handrails to adorable pets causing a stir, there’s a lot of nonsense happening on Bay Area Rapid Transit.

Inconsistent service and delays have plagued the system for years, not to mention a recent Bugsy Malone-meets-Great Train Robbery crime spree on one train, but the long trek between stations, snaking from the Peninsula to the far ends of the East Bay, give riders ample amount of time and boredom for impromptu shenanigans.

And with that, dear readers, we want to know the most hilarious and disturbing eschewing of subway etiquette you’ve witnessed. Was it man-spreading from a passenger flashing his shortcomings in the last car, or was it a cloud dog riding like a regular passenger? You know you have a good story—leave the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed in the comments below. (Bonus points if you include photos.)