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New Noe Valley construction, highest home on Dolores Street, asks $6.9 million

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Featuring 360-degree views of the city

Photos by Jacob Elliott

Out of the ashes of a 1912 home in Noe Valley rises this sleek, gleaming edifice. Christened the PivotHouse, the new abode at 1156 Dolores has been rebuilt from the ground up, with four floors of unbridled contemporary vibes.

Featuring five beds, four and a half baths, and roughly 4,850 square feet, this home reach four floors (five if you include the roof deck), all of it accessible via staircase or elevator. The interiors are bright white and configured in the open-floor plan style so popular these days.

Conceived and executed by Eco+Historical, Inc., Eastwood Development, and Winder Gibson Architects, the house is purportedly the highest point along the entirety of Dolores Street. The crowning achievement is the full-floor roof deck with spa and grill.

Technically the home is two legal units (#1156 and #1158)—because the city frowns on any renovations that deplete housing stock—but in reality it’s being sold as one mammoth house.

Asking is $6,995,000.