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San Francisco weather: Heat wave to continue

Alas, it’s not over yet

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Initially, the National Weather Service anticipated that the agonizing heat wave walloping California over the weekend wouldn’t be all that bad in San Francisco, with a highest forecast temperature of 81 degrees.

But the gaze of thermometer watchers turned out to be a bit blurry. The city heated up well into the high 90s on Sunday, breaking a record high set nearly 25 years ago.

Although that temperature includes the airport. As NWS pointed out to the San Francisco Chronicle, that record was not particularly high for June in California.

While the worst of the weather should be over for now, sizzling conditions will probably persist, as NWS now predicts more 80 degree weather in San Francisco and Oakland this week, while Walnut Creek and San Ramon (high of 102 predicted Thursday) remain under a heat advisory until late Thursday evening:

California will continue to produce hot temperatures across inland areas through much of the week.

Slight cooling is forecast today and Tuesday, mainly near the coast, but the amount of cooling is not expected to be sufficient to mitigate [...] a prolonged period of very warm to hot temperatures.

Some inland locations will continue to see highs of 100 degrees or more, which is as much as 20 degrees warmer than normal.

Only on Friday will the heat really break and begin significantly cooling going into the next weekend. So says the forecast, anyway.

San Jose will see a high of 91 if predictions hold true. Fremont will reach 92. And Napa will creep all the way up to 98. That’s some hot wine.