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Watch goats landscape Twin Peaks in preparation for Pride pink triangle

Pride is coming

Pride season kicks off in the furriest, cutest way possible. No, not the beer bust at the Lone Star, but atop Twin Peaks. In preparation for the Pink Triangle, which goes up the morning before Sunday’s Pride march, a herd of goats were called in to clear the way.

The professional four-legged landscapers, who eat away undergrowth in bushy San Francisco sports, come from San Francisco-based landscaping company City Grazing.

According to SFist, the goats must move across an icon of almost “200 feet across, nearly an acre in size,” which “can be seen for 20 miles.”

Here they are making their entrance:

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And here they are enjoying the main course:

Conceived 22 years ago by Thomas Tremblay, Michael Brown, and local architect Patrick Carney, the rosy-hued shape acts as a bat signal, if you will, for Pride weekend.

"My friends and I were sitting in a restaurant on Market Street, wondering how we could spread the weekend's festivities to other parts of the city," Carney said in a 2015 interview with Hoodline. "We noticed a huge blank canvas right outside the window: Twin Peaks. Just a few weeks later the pink triangle of Twin Peaks was born."