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What $2,400 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from the Richmond to Nob Hill

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $2,400.

↑ This “huge studio” in Lower Pac Heights—600 square feet, which is fairly large as these things go—suffers some taxonomic confusion, as the ad specifies “no animals,” which would technically disqualify human tenants altogether. Scientific quibbles aside, it looks spacious, the Tiffany lights are pretty, the assortment of French doors frame the space rather well, and of course it’s only a few blocks from Alamo Square. The asking rent is $2,395/month.

↑ On the other hand, this SoMa studio pushes the efficiency designation almost as far as it can go. At 324 square feet, it’s one of the smallest apartment ever featured on Comparisons, stacked up in a still-new building on Shipley Street. Interestingly, it does advertise a fireplace, although one doesn’t appear to be visible in the unit photos. Pets are permitted on these premises, though, and the price is $2,399/month.

↑ By a similar turn, the gigantic (and still under construction) Trinity Place development off Mid-Market now advertises a junior one-bedroom apartment for $2,399/month. That’s about $50 cheaper than just a few weeks ago, which was itself several hundred dollars less than what studios start at over on the main Trinity site, although building management confirms that these Craigslist ads are legit. The junior bedroom in this case is a kind of partition space separated by shutters for privacy. The plaza outside is rocking that giant Venus statue, but there’s no pets allowed—it’s always something.

↑ Out in the Richmond, a two-bedroom, one-bath “living room in-law” on 27th Avenue is yours for $2,400/month. The term “living room in-law” seems a bit ambiguous. Was it created out of a larger living room, or adjacent to a living room, or does it just indicate that it’s big enough to actually have a living room of its own? The landlord wasn’t immediately available for comment, but be that as it may it looks airy and house-like, and both beds look out onto the backyard. As far as pets go, the ad says “two cats okay.”

↑ Finally, a one-bath studio in Lower Nob Hill on Bush Street just around the block from Chinatown’s Dragon Gate sticks to the old school Nob Hill charm, with claw tub, built-ins, and sturdy brick and marble facade on 755 Bush Street, the circa 1916 building known as the Pierre Crest Apartments. $2,400/month, plus an extra $75/month per pet. Which could get expensive for goldfish enthusiasts.


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    Richmond In-Law
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    Lower Pac Heights Studio
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    SoMa Studio
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