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Neo Mediterranean-style Oakland house asks $1.35 million

Five beds for a Bay Area bargain

A huge Mediterranean style house with white stucco walls and tiered tiled roofs. Courtesy Jason Mitchell, Alain Pinel

In San Francisco a five bed, five bath new construction house will run you a couple of million dollars easy, assuming it hasn’t been the site of a recent fire. And even then a bidding war is not necessarily out of the question.

Meanwhile, 4207 Terrabella Way in Oakland’s Crestmont neighborhood listed today for $1.35 million, after selling for the first time in 2015 just after completing construction on a previously empty and overgrown hillside lot, then for $1.2 million.

The expansive 3,350-plus foot home on a 12,000-plus foot lot fancies itself a fancy example of “contemporary Mediterranean” architecture, hence all of the white stucco and escalating tiers of tiled rooftops.

What really does it for this place is the turret-like centerpiece cylinder that houses the entryway right at the crux of its V-shaped layout, separating the two wings and creating room for the first of two rising central staircases.