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Tiny cabin amidst La Honda redwoods asks $475K

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If nature calls, maybe it’s time to go answer

A tiny cabin amidst towering green redwood trees. Courtesy  Frank Vento, Intero Real Estate

Trying to get by in the hustle and bustle of the modern Bay Area is enough to awaken almost anyone’s inner John Muir.

Home buyers who have ever fantasized about throwing in the towel on city living and going off the grid could do worse than 39 Sequoia Drive in La Honda, San Mateo County (population 928 or so).

True, this one bed, one and a half bath cabin with the almost hidden upstairs bedroom is not so far off the beaten track for said track to be inaccessible. La Honda is less than 12 miles from Cupertino.

It is, however, much closer to the likes of the Big Basin Redwoods, and for that matter the La Honda Creek reserve. The neighborhood around Sequoia Drive appears to be more redwood than neighborhood, and the property contains several towering trunks all its own.

The $475,000 asking price is of course a steal even for a small home in nearby Silicon Valley cities. But it’s also $100K more than the average price of a house anywhere else in the United States, so whether this little 450 square foot speck of rustic charm is worth it will depend mostly on the allure of its forested setting.

Fifty year ago, La Honda became famous as the home of Ken Kesey and the site of his legendary Hells Angels party. It looks like things are more quiet these days, but you never know what folks might get up to on a long weekend among the redwoods.