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Lumina penthouse takes $1 million price cut

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High-rise slightly lowers its expectations

Gleaming Lumina towers, glassy and tall. Photo by Brock Keeling

It takes some pretty fancy pants to move into one of the Lumina towers’ top floors.

But for those casting their ambitious upward toward the penthouse level, a break of sorts has come down from on high—a price break of more than $1 million, in this case.

Apartment number 36A at Lumina, a three-bed, three-and-a-half-bath penthouse with “private terraces and balconies” and “a climate-controlled wine room and wet bar,” among other swanky amenities, listed this week for $7.87 million.

Photos courtesy of Garrett Frakes, Polaris Pacific

This still being a more or less freshly minted building, it’ll be the unit’s first sale. However, as SocketSite observes, it’s not the first time it’s been offered; the same penthouse popped up last year asking $8.89 million.

Indeed, the previous ad still exists on a few sites. The 2016 offering dubbed it “The city's most refined penthouse, spanning one half of an entire floor and boasting glass walls wrapped by panoramic vistas.”

So if anyone liked the look of this towering terrace last year but found themselves some $1.1 million too light in the bank account, here’s a second chance to potentially come out on top.