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San Francisco’s most expensive home sold

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Ultra modern masterwork was already city’s most expensive home before it was even built

A modernist house with a quarter-circle roof. Jacob Elliott

[Update: A spokesperson for Sotheby’s says that the final price of the sale has actually not yet been disclosed. “We cannot release more info other than it sold for an undisclosed amount,” says Kristina Helb.]

The brokerage handling the seven bed, eight and a half bath (seven full, three half), ultra modern home at 2712 Broadway—recently the city’s most expensive listing—announced today that it finally sold, for a jaw-dropping $40 million.

We’ve had our eye on this one since before it even existed; back in 2014 this house on Broadway made the list as the city’s most expensive homes despite at the time being no more than “just a plan to build on Billionaires Row.”

The spectacular spec house with the quarter-circle roof finally appeared in the flesh—or limestone, technically—in April, asking $40 million and immediately leaping right back into its accustomed place at number one.

Though the sellers claim a “bidding war” over the home, in the end it sold for precisely what it asked nine weeks ago. Architect Tom Taylor and Handel Architects teamed up on this one, replacing a classic clapboard home demolished years ago.