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Fire-damaged Sea Cliff mansion asks $2.99 million

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Former Danish consulate house needs big bucks and heavy rehab

Courtesy Zach Read, Laurel Village Realtors

In July of 2016, a San Francisco man crashed his car into the house at 182 32nd Avenue in the Sea Cliff district, apparently after missing a bend in the road. The driver died and the crash ignited a fire that left the circa 1916 home severely damaged.

Eleven months later, the homeowners—a Google lawyer and an investment banker turned shoe startup founder—have put the unfortunately traumatized mansion up for sale, asking $2.99 million.

The ad reveals little of this by and large beautiful and enormous five bed, three and a half bath, 4,200-plus square foot home, showing off only a few of the untouched rooms and stressing that the rest of the place “suffered fire, water, and smoke damage” and is being “sold as-is” while also playing up the meticulousness of the garden.

(Which actually is rather nice.)

On one hand, a hair under $3 million is a pretty good bargain in this neighborhood—the present owners bought it for $2.55 million ten years ago.

A look at the floorplan reveals the broad V-shape of the layout inside a triangular parcel that on city maps skirts that same curve in the road, and much could be made of a home this size in one of San Francisco’s most fancy pants neighborhoods.

On the other hand, the value of the offer of course depends on precisely how much work the place will need. “Buyers should conduct their own investigations prior to submitting an offer,” realtor Zach Read says.

An old ad from before the 2007 sale claims that this was once the Danish consulate in San Francisco, and after that belonged to a Superior Court judge (and 33rd degree Freemason). So it’s got credentials to go with its striking exterior.

The only question is what it’s got left inside?