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Fire-damaged Pacific Heights mansion knocks $1 million off price

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New renderings attempt to entice buyers with what could rise from the ashes

A brick-fronted Georgian mansion on Vallejo Street. Courtesy John Kirkpatrick, Pacific Union

Of all of Pacific Heights’ weathered old seven-figure mansions, few have weathered more than 2008 Vallejo Street.

The red-brick Georgian mansion from 1913 almost burned to the ground in a three-alarm fire in 2013. While fire fighters saved much of the structure—from the curb there’s little visible difference from its pre-fire days—but the interior structure paid the price.

And yet, in 2016 it listed for nearly $6 million despite its fashionable facade hiding a blackened berth. The ad dubbed it a “major fixer,” a decidedly deft assessment under the circumstances.

Still, given the state of the market at the time, it’s surprising nobody took the offer, incinerated insides notwithstanding.

Eventually the price dropped, and then the whole package disappeared briefly from the market. But now it’s back with yet another price reduction—down to $4.9 million, nearly a full million off from the opening offer—and with a little extra enticement: renderings of a would-be new home in the existing shell.

Is it enough to make someone finally buy in on this despoiled domicile? There’s nothing to do but wait and see what might rise from the ashes.