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Dated 1941 Menlo Park home asks $5.79 million

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Midcentury home “hasn’t been touched in a long time”

The vine-covered exterior of a mid-century home in Menlo Park. Courtesy Lemieux Associates

Back in 1941, Menlo Park was a sleepy burgh of just over 3,200 people, not yet shaken up by the wartime activity that would more than quadruple its population and number of households in the next decade.

The three-bed, three-bath circa 1941 house at 1394 San Mateo Drive listed this week for the distinctly 2017 price of $5.79 million. But from the looks of things almost everything else about this pre-war mid-century home has remained largely as-is from back in the days.

“It hasn’t been touched in a long time,” realtor Jennifer Liske told Curbed SF. “It was a family estate and it was in one family for generations and not a lot’s changed,” Liske added, though she wasn’t able to recall precisely how long 1394 San Mateo has been sequestered in one lineage.

She adds that it’s an unusually large lot for Menlo Park, totaling almost an acre, and indeed the sprawling landscape and leafy overgrowth embracing the walls and the property’s outer gates give the impression that the rest of the lot is gearing up to move in alongside whoever the new owners turn out to be.