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Pacific Heights full-floor flat asks $24.5 million

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1924 condo takes you back in time

11-story beaux-arts building with salmon-colored facade. gorgeous. Photos via Ted Bartlett & Tina Bartlett Hinckley, Pacific Union

Arguably one of the best buildings in San Francisco, 2006 Washington, designed in 1924 by architect Conrad Meussdorffer, made headlines in 2015 after its penthouse unit pulled in a cool $30 million.

Today a condo on the eighth floor lands on the market. And it’s a sight to behold. Originally occupied by Dean Witter, unit #8 features six beds, five and one half baths, and a roomy 5700 square feet of living space. The interior ironwork in the living room is a treat, as are the balconies, views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Spreckles mansion, and well-worn yet classic interior decor.

It also comes with doorperson, garden, solarium, and two-car garage.

This full-floor Pacific Heights condo is nothing short of remarkable, harkening back to an era when San Francisco society was a thing. Back to a time where denizens born/married into money ruled supreme, just before self-made tech billionaires relegated them to the D-list lunch tables with the rest of us schlubs.

HOAs come to $6,674/month (gasp). Asking is $24,500,000.