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Hunters Point: What it will cost you to buy right now

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Average listing price is $799 per square foot

Photo via Wikicommons

Located next to Bayview, back-to-back winner of Curbed SF’s neighborhood of the year title, this southside neighborhood, like its neighbor, is both an increasingly popular yet controversial one. While the Hunters Point Shipyard project is a highly anticipated development, the area also teeters on the precipice of potential gentrification (e.g., the Western Addition, the Mission).

‘The current average price range in Hunters Point (for the subset of properties which we analyzed) is $799 per square foot,” says Constantine Valhouli, founder of research and analytics outfit NeighborhoodX. "However, the individual market-rate listing which contribute to this average range fairly tightly,”

He goes on to note that the homes in this case range from $652/square foot (101 Cleo Rand Lane) to $950/square foot (50 Jerrold Avenue #311).

NeighborhoodX, who has been helping us figure out the breakdown in San Francisco’s top neighborhoods, has the details below. Hover over the chart bars for additional information and analytics.