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Open thread: How much was the rent at your first San Francisco apartment?

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Rents are the highest in the country, causing hardship on many, but it wasn’t always like this

Green facade of apartment building. Photo by Darwin Bell

By and large, San Francisco renters are paying more than they can afford. Most of our income goes to our monthly fee to life within the 7x7-mile confines of the greatest city in the world. But it wasn’t always like this—this city full of golden handcuffs (i.e., those blessed/saddled with rent control) or folks willing to shell out unseemly amounts for hardly any square footage.

Tensions over gentrification, affordable housing, and tech growth have reached a tipping point in neighborhoods like the Mission, Western Division/NOPA, and beyond. And while new residential structures are helping make a dent (however small) in rent prices, it isn’t enough. Teachers can no longer afford to live here, neither can our first responders. The city just passed an affordable housing law that allows extra floors and extra units to developers in exchange for more affordable housing. And outlying cities have a lot of catching up to do.

And while we receive regular reports from apartment search sites that offer details on median rental prices throughout San Francisco, there’s less available data from years past. So, how much was the rent at your first apartment? And how much are you paying now? Have you been in the same neighborhood? Be sure to include details on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the general location.