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San Francisco fog is no match for the Salesforce Tower

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A cut above the rest

As San Francisco makes its long awaited return to normal springtime/summertime weather, the city has been blessed with a chill in the air and a thick layer of fog. But the Salesforce Tower, reaching 61 stories tall making it the second tallest building in California, isn’t having it.

This week, the incomplete high-rise’s crown—just the tip—was photographed peeking above fog. And what a sight it was. Several folks posted shots of the tower including Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff, awed by the sight of the city’s new structure busting through the soupy sky.

Even darling structures like the Transamerica Pyramid, 555 California, and 181 Fremont couldn’t reach above the pea soup. Not that it’s a contest. But if it were, the Salesforce Tower would be winning.


Salesforce Tower

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