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What $5,100 rents you in San Francisco right now

Five new rentals, from Noe Valley to Rincon Hill

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $5,100.

↑ Starting the today’s slate off in Cow Hollow, consider a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment behind the stately blue stucco and tile roof of this old house on Greenwich and Gough, a few blocks south of Fort Mason. It’s something of a home with curves, be it the side-by-side semicircular arched windows, the cylindrical protrusion of the tiled living room fireplace and chimney, or the arch over the interior French doors. The curveball on the price: $5,100/month, no pets allowed.

↑ Renters who feel the straightforward tastefulness of the Cow Hollow apartment doesn’t suit their personality and want something more outré for $5,000/month might move over to a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment on the edge of Noe Valley. The leasing agent plays up the home’s “bespoke European wallpapers, grass cloth, and subway and mosaic tiles” and “private pocket patio.” Unmentioned but impossible to miss: bright, brilliant red and gold interiors. No pets here either, unfortunately.

↑ This condo in the Sunset right on Lincoln Way and 19th Avenue looks like it’s going to veer into prismatic disarray too, with its salmon pink and mint green facade. But once inside things take a more conventional turn, and the only potentially startling addition is the deep, almost cranberry-red lumber used on the “Brazilian floors.” Still relatively new construction for the neighborhood (2008), it tips the scales at the largest of the offerings, coming at four bedrooms and two baths. But even with all of that space and $5,000/month there’s still no room for cats or dogs. It’s enough to make you howl.

↑ Speaking of relatively new construction, turning eyes toward South Beach brings up another two-bed, two-bath condo (a winning formula, it seems) asking the oddball price of $5,093/month at 333 Fremont, the 83-unit mid-rise on Fremont and Harrison from 2014. Some of the features here—like the “engineered hardwood flooring” with its “thick underlayment to eliminate sound”—try to come off as trendy, while the likes of the straightforward “tall ceilings” are always in fashion. (Note that these are “typical unit” photos.) One nice thing about South Beach: Most of the new buildings are pet friendly, including this one. Good boy.

↑ The final selection lies just a few blocks away from 333 Fremont, advertising itself as “near Rincon Hill.” In truth, both homes are really within the same neighborhood, but for effectively the same price they’re worlds apart in terms of style. This loft on Clementina Street foregoes the frills and new construction in place of utility in a wedge-shaped 2005 building, plus a little extra space in the form of three beds, two baths, and 1,500 feet altogether. Happily, it’s another pet friendly place, and it goes for $5,100/month.


Which Rental Would You Choose?

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    Noe Valley Apartment
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    Sunset Condo
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    South Beach Condo
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    Rincon Hill Loft
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