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Renovated Victorian, once used to photograph Jerry Garcia, drops asking by $1 million

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Onetime hippie home turned contemporary abode still seeks buyer

Landing on the market in November for a cool $5.99 million, 164 Belvedere is a home with a lot of history behind it. Formerly owned by Rolling Stone magazine alum Baron Wolman, who not only hosted a slew of Summer of Love stars (Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Bill Graham, just to name a few), he also reportedly photographed Jerry Garcia and Janice Joplin in the upstairs studio.

What a difference fifty years makes. Wolman sold the Queen Anne Victorian for $31,000 in 1971, and one family held it until 2014. It has since undergone a dramatic, antiseptic renovation, one that did not sit with some Curbed SF readers when we first reported on it.

“Remodeled? More like viciously bastardized,” quipped one unhappy readers, while another derided the newfangled home as “[a]nother Apple Store for geeks with no taste of their own.”

To each their own.

Featuring five beds, five baths, and 4,580 square feet, the house is now open and airy, with sleek lines and white interiors galore. It has pruned its asking to $4,995,000.