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$42 million San Francisco penthouse floorplan will drop, shatter your jaw

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That’s $6,051 per square foot

Perhaps these rendered images don’t due it full justice, but one look at the floorplan for the upcoming 181 Fremont penthouse, currently under construction in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood, will have you gasping for oxygen.

Whether you’re shocked by the unabashed expansiveness of the top-floor home (currently asking $42 million) or aghast by its audacity, the layout for the 6,941-square-foot penthouse is hard to ignore.

Encompassing the high-rise’s entire top floor, the penthouse will feature five bedrooms, five and two half baths, a library with fireplace, two kitchens, and a master bedroom with dual master bathrooms and dual walk-in closets.

It’s a lot of space. Seriously, a lot of space. A family of nine could live here comfortably.

However, unlike other penthouses in the city—a la the top-floor dazzlers at the St. Regis or nearby Millennium Tower—there does not appear to be any outside terrace or deck. And $42 million is a lot of money to throw down if one can’t step right outside to smoke a Marlboro Light without having to traverse all the way downstairs.

Anyway, behold:

Image via 181 Fremont

For a refresher, here are the renderings of what this massive space should look like once it’s complete. The bathroom, in particular, is especially dreamy.

181 Fremont

181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA