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San Francisco bidding war shut down by adorable kid’s letter

Never underestimate the negotiating power of a child

A house and family drawn by what appears to be a five-year-old kid. Drawing by Africa Studio

It’s a tough market in San Francisco. No doubt. So severe that buyers often go to extreme measures with the hope of scoring pricey property in the city—wine, VIP concert tickets, company stock, you name it. But one ace card that proved successful recently was the innocence and clumsy penmanship of a child.

The Front Steps came across two tearjerking letters penned by two kids, a brother and a sister, who wanted nothing more than a place in San Francisco to call home. The letters all but begged the seller to accept their mom’s offer. And it worked. So effective were the missives that the seller turned down higher offers.

Per the Front Steps:

[...] I was recently part of a transaction on the seller side where we literally had 15 offers on the table, at some ridiculously high prices with amazing terms, and it was this letter (and of course the hand drawn pictures of the cat…or maybe that’s a dog…dinosaur…?) that pulled at the heart strings of the sellers and ultimately got them the house…at a price less than the top offer, and less favorable.

Get your tissues ready. The note written by the younger sibling, replete with an illustration of his cat, is too sweet. Behold:

A child’s letter complete with illustration of a dog. Heartbreaking and cute! Letter courtesy of the Front Steps

Dear [Seller], I hope you choose us because I think our cat will like the yard and our mom says we can get a dog if we get a house! Sincerely, [young child]

If you think little brother is good, check out what big sister had to say.

This is a wonderful, happy ending. The fact that the sellers turned down bigger offers in favor of this family proves that there might be some wiggle room for the heart in San Francisco’s insidious, crushing housing market.