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Financial District: What it will cost you to buy right now

Average listing price is $1,118 per square foot

“Oh, I live in the FiDi” is not something heard too often. Which is too bad, really. From 333 Bush and Golden Gateway Commons to the Ritz-Carlton Residences and 201 Sansome, there are some gorgeous residential structures that, alas, go unnoticed.

Let’s see what it costs to live in the Financial District. The current average listing price for the sub-set we looked at averaged $1,118 per square foot, and ranged from $784-$1,420 per square foot.

"The neighborhood price range is dominated by a single building, at the upper—and lower—end of the market," said Constantine Valhouli, founder of research and analytics outfit NeighborhoodX. The Ritz-Carlton Residences (located at 690 Market). In fact, the prices in that tony building ranged considerably, from $926/square foot (2nd floor unit) to $1,376/square feet (19th floor unit).

NeighborhoodX, who has been helping us figure out the breakdown in San Francisco’s top neighborhoods, has the details. Hover over the chart bars for additional information and analytics.

Ritz Carlton Residence and Club

690 Market, San Francisco, California