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Renovated Eichler in San Rafael asks $1.5 million

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Photos courtesy of Renee Adelmann of Marin Modern Real Estate

Listed as an “upscale remodel,” even purists would be hard pressed to find something to loathe about this San Rafael midcentury. Like some sort of design miracle, much of this Eichler’s signature touches have been left intact or enhanced.

Built in 1955, 99 Pikes Peak Drive features four beds, two baths, and 1,989 square feet. While it’s been updated to feature a new kitchen, baths, and hardwood floors (Eichlers originally came with cork flooring), its midcentury charm is more than evident. One must also admire the fact that the ceiling hasn’t been painted over—something so unnecessary with Eichlers as they are gorgeous as-is.

Asking was $1,550,000. However, it’s now in contract. Alas. But there’s no harm in looking.