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What it will cost you to buy in Bayview right now

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Average asking is $475 per square foot

Pier 92 grain silo art project Bayview Rise. Photo by Steve Boland

Back-to-back winner of Curbed SF’s neighborhood of the year title, San Francisco’s southside neighborhood is both a popular and contentious one. For starters, it’s one of the few remaining affordable (“affordable”) neighborhoods in the the city. But it’s also managed to evade the rampant gentrification a la Western Addition and the Mission.

As we noted in January, “People live in Bayview; it’s not just a ramen/craft cocktail pitstop in between landing a sweet tech gig and heading to the suburbs after cranking out a few kids.”

But it’s also a neighborhood with a lot of housing stock on the market. So let’s take a closer look at the market in Bayview today.

The current average asking price is $475 per square foot, but the individual properties that make up this average range from $367-760/square foot.

At the low end of the price range is 1641 La Salle Avenue, a two-unit building asking $1.195 million for 3,256 square feet ($367/square foot). At the high end of the price range is 1721 Newcomb Avenue, a 1,050-square-foot house asking $798,000 ($760/square foot.).

"For context, the upper end of the properties for sale in Bayview ($760/square foot) is asking as much as the lower end of the properties in Lower Pacific Heights ($763/square foot)," explains Constantine Valhouli, founder of research and analytics outfit NeighborhoodX .

NeighborhoodX, who has been helping us figure out the breakdown in San Francisco’s top neighborhoods, has the details. Hover over the chart bars for additional information and analytics.