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Inner Richmond home asks $1.35 million

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Circa 1921 abode retains its charm

A low angle photo of a white two-story home in the Inner Richmond. Photos courtesy of Nina Hatavny, Pacific Union

Time flies for San Francisco’s most enduringly appealing homes. The two-bed, one-bath Inner Richmond house with the big backyard at 249 10th Avenue hasn’t sold since 1991 and has scarcely been touched beyond repair work since then, but still manages to pull off a surprisingly current if humble vibe.

Part of that may have to do with the predilection toward white interiors. Granted, California does appear to still be living in a golden—or perhaps alabaster—age of white interiors in general, but the glacial gleaming of some of these rooms seems striking nonetheless.

Despite its modest but largely contemporary appearance, this place is actually a bit of a throwback. Note the crown moldings, kitchen cabinetry, and hardwood flooring. And the skylit stairwell is especially charming.

In the last 26 years, city records permits for only a few repairs on the place—re-roofing, for example—but never any major redesigns, renovations, or overhauls.

Asking is $1,349,000.