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Golden State Warriors: San Francisco structures light up blue and yellow

Iconic city buildings pay tribute to the NBA playoffs

In honor of the Golden State Warriors landing in the playoffs, San Francisco City Hall and Coit Tower have lit up in hues of yellow and blue. What a sight to behold! And just in time, too: Tonight the Warriors take on the Spurs in game two.

Sadly, neither the Ferry Building nor Oakland City Hall have followed suit. At least not yet. As the Warriors advance (fingers crossed) other structure will most likely follow City Hall and Coit Tower’s lead.

As many of you know, City Hall changes its exterior lights to pay tribute to notable sporting events (e.g., the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series), unofficial holidays (like Gay Pride Weekend), or paid events (like illuminating red for National Hypertension Day). City Hall’s lighting also memorialize fallen heroes, most famously turning purple to honor the death of Prince.

Here now are a couple of noted SF buildings who can’t wait to see the Warriors win again.

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